Walt Frazier To Be Immortalized on Front of New York City Bus in Gray Line Hall of FameWalt Frazier
is known for snazzy cars, but next week he will be on a bus.

The man known as “Clyde” will have his likeness stamped on the front of a double-decker bus as the latest honoree in the Gray Line New York City Ride of Fame campaign. The former Knicks point guard will join Liza Minnelli, Joe Namath, Bernadette Peters, Roger Maris and a host of other great New Yorkers in being immortalized in six-wheeled, two-story form.

A dedication will be held Wednesday, where Gray Line will reveal Frazier’s signature open-top red double-decker bus that millions of sightseers will be able to ride, according to a news release.

Based on that description, it sounds unlikely that the bus will resemble Frazier’s colorful shirt from last week’s uniform unveiling. That is a shame, in a way. A double-decker bus with that much magenta and teal would certainly stand out on the streets of Manhattan.

Photo via Flickr/NBA Nation