Michael Jordan’s ‘McJordan BBQ Sauce’ From 1992 McDonald’s Sandwich Hits eBay For $9,995 (Photo)


Michael Jordan
has put his name or likeness on countless products over the years and while some people camp out for days waiting for his sneakers, others could spend almost 50 times the money on something with an even more limited use.

The "McJordan" was a sandwich at McDonald's that appeared in limited markets in 1992 at the height of His Airness' celebrity. The sandwich (a quarter-pound hamburger with smoked bacon, cheese, McJordan barbeque sauce, onions, mustard and pickles) featured the unique barbecue sauce that recently went to auction on eBay for a staggering $9,995 US.

The seller has declined all 12 offers that have been made, citing in the auction description that owning this would be "A once in a lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald's collectible!"

Rare and unique as this is, the fact that this is a 20-year-old bottle of barbecue sauce brings to mind images less appetizing than the McJordan was in its heyday in the greater Chicago and North Carolina markets.

That said, this eBay auction will be more interesting to follow than the Bobcats were in 2011.

Michael Jordan's 'McJordan BBQ Sauce' From 1992 McDonald's Sandwich Hits eBay For $9,995 (Photo)
Michael Jordan's 'McJordan BBQ Sauce' From 1992 McDonald's Sandwich Hits eBay For $9,995 (Photo)

Photos via eBay/mortbank1971

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