Rob Gronkowski
is a crowd-pleaser, no matter where those crowds may be.

The Patriots were part of a special NFL event in the famous Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday as the team prepared to play the St. Louis Rams in this weekend's across-the-pond matchup.

Gronkowski took to the stage along with Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Zoltan Mesko and Bill Belichick, but the big tight end got a special request when he was introduced.

After being implored to do his trademark spike with the microphone on hand, Gronkowski obliged — much to the pleasure of the crowd, Welker and even Belichick (who looked stunning in his ear warmer and cutoff hoodie combo).

Check out the excellent spike in the video below, with a big hat tip to Jeff Howe at the Boston Herald for getting the video from more than 3,000 miles away.