Former High School Football Player Now Touts Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse (Video)


Aaron Rubin is now 30 years old, years removed from his days as a high school athlete, but suffice to say his life has changed in far more ways than just the normal life development as one goes through their 20s.

More than five years ago, Rubin went out for a night of partying and ended up in a coma after overdosing on oxycontin, a synthetic form of heroin. He stayed in that coma for three weeks, reports NBC 7 San Diego, and when he came out of it had lost the ability to walk or speak. He now communicates using hand signals — one finger for yes, two for no.

Rubin's addiction began while he was a student of Poway High School near San Diego, Calif. — perhaps best known as the origin of punk band Blink-182 — and apparently his story is far from an isolated incident, with prescription drug abuse common in the surrounding upper-middle class areas.

Since coming home in July 2010 after three years in the hospital, Rubin and his mother speak to students in the local communities stressing the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Check out the video below for a report on Rubin and the general epidemic of muscle relaxers and other prescription drugs.

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