Robert Griffin III Turns Down Comparison to Cam Newton for ‘Someone Who Has Won Super Bowls’


Nov 4, 2012

Robert Griffin III Turns Down Comparison to Cam Newton for 'Someone Who Has Won Super Bowls'Robert Griffin III
seems like a nice enough guy.

But it sure sounded like a slam on 2012's favorite NFL punching bag, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, when Griffin turned down a comparison with the other young signal caller this week.

"I'd rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that," Griffin told the Washington Times. "Someone who has won Super Bowls."

While Griffin has turned heads with his individual stats and ability to run the ball, he knows that the measure of success in the NFL is Super Bowl victories — which is likely why he won't get caught up in rookie season hype. That's what happened with Newton, after all, and his sophomore season has been pretty rocky as he's found his running ways and first-season fortune stymied by the grind of the NFL.

While Griffin and Newton are similar quarterbacks in how they attack from the quarterback spot, and in that they were both exceptional in college, where Griffin won the Heisman Trophy last year and Newton took it the year before, Griffin has a living example to look at as he decides whether to get caught up in his strong rookie season. Newton has shown Griffin exactly who he doesn't want to be come next year.

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