Things are looking bleak, folks.

The NHL lockout is now more than two months old — 69 days, to be precise. On Friday, the NHL announced the cancellation of all games through Dec. 14, and, worse yet, the cancellation of the NHL All-Star Weekend in Columbus, scheduled for Jan. 26-27.

The Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend are gone. Is the whole season next?

About three weeks ago,┬áthe league and the players association looked to be making some progress after holding some originally unscheduled meetings. However, on the third consecutive day, negotiations broke down, and it’s been all downhill since. Commissioner Gary Bettman even suggested a two-week suspension of talks at one point.

Suffice to say, Friday’s announcement doesn’t hold any positive news for those hoping to still see some NHL action some time this season. So, do you think there will be any games at all, or are we headed for yet another year without the National Hockey League?