Nick Lachey Kicked Out of Bengals-Chargers Game After Trash Talk, Scuffle in Stands (Video)


The last time the likes of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson popped up in the sports world, Simpson was jinxing — er, dating — Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

But now her ex-husband, Lachey, may be the one with the better sports story.

Lachey, who is known to be quite the Cincinnati Bengals fan, was apparently kicked out of the Bengals-Chargers game Sunday after getting involved in some trash talk with the locals.

Lachey headed to San Diego for the game and seemed to be having a great time, even tossing in a “who dey” for his team in the early going.

But things quickly took a turn for the worst.

That didn’t keep Lachey from bragging a little bit after his Bengals had the upper hand and won, 20-13.

Lachey at first seemed to be accepting the blame for causing a ruckus in the stands, but then he pointed the finger at someone else for getting him going.

In the end, though, he just wanted everyone to know that the good people of San Diego aren’t so bad.

While Lachey’s tweets certainly serve as a timeline for the incident, they don’t exactly show what happened. For that, TMZ has stepped into the gap, providing video.

In the video, Lachey definitely seems to be saying some things and moving aggressively toward some Chargers fans, although the scuffle that ensues afterward doesn’t involve the former reality TV star.

When the security guard with “elite” written across his back comes into the photo, though, the fun times appear to be over.

Check it out in the video below.

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