Novak Djokovic Buys World’s Entire Supply of Rare Cheese Made From Donkey Milk


Britain Wimbledon TennisNovak Djokovic doesn’t mess around on the tennis court, and it appears that all-or-nothing approach translates into his business dealings as well.

The tennis star has bought the entire world’s yearly supply of pule, a rare cheese made in Serbia that requires donkey milk as its main ingredient. In fact, it takes 25 liters of donkey milk to make just one kilogram of the pule, and the donkeys selected are raised in a very specific part of Serbia on a wildlife reserve.

Djokovic, currently ranked the No. 1 tennis player is the world, will reportedly use the cheese at a chain of restaurants he is opening in Serbia.

“It will save a lot of effort having to deal with various restaurants, with only one customer buying the lot we don’t have to worry too much about salesmen,” the manager who oversees the cheese’s production said.

Donkey milk is said to be healthier than regular cow’s milk, because it has up to 60 times more vitamin C.

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