Swiss Hockey Players Don’t Drop Gloves, Fight Each Other in Boxing-Style Bout Anyway (Video)


It looks like they do their hockey a little differently over in Switzerland.

Alain Berger and Sebastien Schilt did everything included in the cliché “drop the gloves” in a recent Swiss League playoff game — except, that is, drop their actual gloves. Schilt moved to take on Berger, but when Berger didn’t completely comply, the two were left swinging at each other with their gloves on.

And swing they did. Without bare hands to grab a hold of each other and whale, the fight resembled an old-timey boxing match, with both players throwing far-ranging punches. There was also a special moment where one tried to whack the other with an overhand hit that resembled a bear swatting at something.

Berger even skated away mid-fight, although Schilt followed him and the two ended their sparring with the usual, hockey-style tackle-to-the-ice routine. A good hockey fight this was not.

Check out the odd bout in the video below.

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