Stephen Curry has gotten a lot of attention in the first round of the NBA playoffs for his high-scoring ways. However, after losing to the Denver Nuggets 107-100 in Game 5 on Tuesday, Curry was getting a different kind of attention.

On his way to the locker room, Curry told the San Jose Mercury News that a fan “said something stupid,” to him, prompting Curry to tell that fan to “shut up.” From the vantage point of television cameras, Curry started to walk down the tunnel, then came back toward the court, pointing at the fan. A teammate intercepted Curry and a security guard said something to the fan.

Curry, who finished with just 15 points, also complained about the Nuggets’ physical play, saying he thought he was targeted.

“I’m going through the paint minding mind my own business and they’re coming out of nowhere trying to throw elbows,” Curry said. “They’ve got a hit out on me, I don’t know what it is.”

Check out a video of the altercation between Curry and the unidentified fan below.