Clayton Kershaw, Prince FielderThe Red Sox find themselves in a unique spot this year. After a disappointing 2012 season, Boston holds the seventh overall pick in the upcoming draft, meaning they could reel in an elite prospect.

It’s no guarantee, of course, that the Red Sox will make out like bandits with the No. 7 pick. But when they do make their selection on June 6, they’ll do so knowing that the No. 7 pick often develops into a valuable big leaguer, or even an All-Star.

Grading a baseball draft right away is extremely difficult. Unlike in other sports, where the return on a pick is sometimes immediate, players typically work their way through a team’s minor league system before arriving in the majors. That doesn’t make owning a high draft pick any less important. It just means that we often have to wait before gaining a better understanding of a player’s true potential, and we often forget where exactly a player was drafted by the time he enters the league.

Admittedly, the seventh overall pick has yielded some no-namers in the past. But let’s focus on the 10 best seventh overall picks of all time, which include Clayton Kershaw, Prince Fielder and the red-hot Matt Harvey.

After reading those names, how can Boston fans not be excited about the upcoming draft?

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