Yankees’ Tarp Team Fails, Stalls Out Halfway Through Covering Diamond After Rain Falls Too Fast (Video)


It’s sort of been this kind of year for the Yankees.

New York’s up-and-down season on the field spread to the rest of the organization Monday night when the evening game against the Kansas City Royals was blighted by rain in the fourth inning. As is customary, the grounds crew jogged on out — but it failed to do so promptly enough, because the tarp the workers were trying to spread across the field quickly filled with water.

With water weighing the tarp down, the grounds crew suddenly couldn’t pull the cover any farther and was stuck looking at a partly covered diamond as rain starting muddying the once-pristine dirt.

That’s when things got really fun. A fella in a purplish-pink shirt and khakis jogged in to help, and various grounds crew workers could be seen making faces that seemed to say that this was the apocalypse if there will ever be one.

Give the grounds crew points for ingenuity, though — the team (whose shirts had the word “hope” across the front) realized it needed to get the water off the tarp. The workers rolled the tarp in the other direction — creating a giant, spaceship-looking bubble in the middle of the field — then rolled it back out, finally covering the dirt and grass.

That was a close one.

Check out the dramatic evening in the video below.

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