Canada’s Full Olympic Uniform Set Reportedly Leaks, Features Black Alternate Sweater (Photo)


September 24, 2013

Hockey Canada hasn’t officially released its uniforms for February’s Winter Olympics, but a Reddit user provided a sneak peek Tuesday at what Sidney Crosby and Co. will likely be sporting in Sochi.

The photo — which, judging by the overwhelming number of NHL and CFL caps in the background, appears to have been taken at a Canadian sporting goods store — shows three Canada sweaters: a red home jersey, a white away and a black alternate.

This is the first glimpse fans have got of the full set (a photo of the red sweater leaked three weeks ago), and the initial reaction has not been positive.

“This jersey is like a really rotten and horribly smelling onion,” Reddit user “saint2e” commented. “The more layers I peel away, the more horrible it gets.”

One aspect of the uniform that did not appear in the original leaked photo is the grouping of 12 golden maple leafs near the waistline. These appear to be used as championship designations, the same way many soccer clubs mark titles on their uniforms with stars, but Canada has won only eight Olympic gold medals. It has reached the gold medal game 12 times, however, taking home the silver in four of those contests.

Check out the full set below, courtesy of Redditor “justacanuck88.”

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