Cavaliers Name Tyrone Corbin, Not LeBron James, Greatest Cleveland Player to Wear No. 23


tyrone corbinThe Cleveland Cavaliers are clearly still a bit salty over “The Decision.”

The team’s website ran a series this week ranking the greatest Cavaliers of all time by jersey number. World B. Free, Zydrunas Ilgauksas, Kyrie Irving and Shawn Kemp were all among the honorees.

Conspicuously absent from the list, however, was one LeBron James.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Schmitt Boyer and Jodie Valade point out that the site names Tyrone Corbin, not The Chosen One, as the greatest Cav to wear No. 23. In fact, the ranking rattles off the names of six other former players to wear the number before mentioning James.

“The digit,” the entry reads, “made famous by MJ, was also worn by Chris Dudley, Gary Freeman, Rowland Garrett, Mike Bratz, Bruce Flowers, Tyrone Corbin, John Morton, Rod Higgins, Carl Thomas, Derek Anderson and LeBron James.”

Corbin enjoyed a respectable NBA career, playing 16 seasons in the league and averaging 9.2 points per game. Only one of those seasons was spent in Cleveland, though. The Cavs have every right to hate LeBron after the shenanigans he pulled in the summer of 2011, but ranking Corbin — or any of those other no-names — ahead of arguably the greatest player of his generation is just plain dumb.

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