Chip Kelly Uses Giant Flash Cards Featuring Rocky Balboa, Philly Phanatic, to Run Eagles’ Offense (Photo)


Chip Kelly always used some interesting signs when calling plays into his offense at Oregon. Now, he’s brought the entertaining collection of flash cards to the Eagles, with a bit of a hometown twist.

Kelly’s offense uses a variety of giant flash cards to quickly alert players to a specific play call when the offense goes into its lightning-fast no-huddle mode. In the past, those signs have included anything from rare majestic animals to fictional TV characters or even popular sports broadcasters. During the Eagles’ opener on Monday night, Kelly’s cards had more of a Philadelphia feel.

Two of the cards the Eagles’ offense used on Monday were of local Philadelphia heroes — well, sort of. One Eagles assistant could be seen holding up a sign of Rocky Balboa in his right hand while hoisting a shot of the Philly Phanatic in his left. There’s no telling exactly what Kelly might have been calling with the Rocky-Phanatic connection, but it was probably a doozy, considering the Eagles posted 33 points and 443 yards of total offense in the win.

Quarterback Michael Vick seemed impressed by the Eagles’ blazing pace on Monday but that Kelly seemed to think Vick and the offense could’ve gone even faster. Either way, the signs definitely played an important role in the win.

Check out one of the Eagles’ clever signs in the photo below.

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