High School Football Player Valiantly Keeps Running After Helmet Gets Twisted Backwards (Video)

by NESN Staff

September 4, 2013

Give Bryan Burns bonus points for effort.

Burns, a junior running back for Bonneville High School in Ogden, Utah, ran into a slight uniform malfunction during the Lakers’ season-opening win over Viewmont. After Burns took a handoff from his quarterback, a defender appeared to get a handful of facemask or ear protector and twisted Burns’ helmet around completely backward.

Burns — hopefully after yelling, “Who turned out the lights? Nyuk, nyuk” — kept on trucking, although the whole “not being able to see where he was going” thing turned out to be a problem. He ran laterally for a second while getting his bearings, then did the best he could to pick up a four-yard gain he will never forget.

The ballcarrier was originally misidentified on YouTube, but The Salt Lake Tribune got to the bottom of the story and positively ID’d Burns.

Check out Burns’ eventful carry in the video below.

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