Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Falling Asleep Key to Red Sox’ Postseason Success


Brad StevensRed Sox fans have Brad Stevens to thank for their team heading to the World Series.

Stevens has become a quick Red Sox fan in his short time as Celtics coach, and when he hasn’t been coaching or watching film, he has been parked on the couch watching the Sox.

He has not witnessed any of the excitement, though, thanks to his sleepy eyelids.

Stevens admitted last week to falling asleep and missing the Red Sox’ comeback and walk-off win over the Tigers in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. That wasn’t all he missed. He also fell asleep in the middle of the clinching Game 6 on Saturday, snoozing through Shane Victorino‘s grand slam.

“I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed to say that I fell asleep, but I was really tired,” Stevens told reporters following shootaround Sunday morning in Montreal, where the Celtics were preparing to play the Minnesota Timberwolves. “The key to the Red Sox is me falling asleep. When I’m watching, it’s hard to score runs. When I’m asleep, magic occurs. It’s unbelievable.”

The conclusion to draw here is not difficult: When Stevens falls asleep in the playoffs, the Red Sox hit grand salamis. The Red Sox should ship the Celtics coach a carton of Ambien to use next week.

Unfortunately for the Red Sox, the Celtics have a preseason game scheduled during Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday. Maybe John Farrell can convince Stevens to catch a cat nap and let Ron Adams take over head coaching duties for the night, because the Red Sox can’t mess with mojo like this.

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