You haven’t heard a play-by-play of an outrageous hockey fight until you’ve heard it come from British announcers.

While the Hull Stingrays were taking on the Dundee Stars in a matchup of squads in the United Kingdom’s Elite Ice Hockey League, Hull’s Derek Campbell went off — and then some. On Saturday night, Campbell was the victim of a high hit from behind, smashing him into the boards, courtesy of Dundee’s Nico Sacchetti. As a couple Stingrays sought retaliation on Sacchetti, Campbell quickly picked himself off the ice, and joined in on the brawl.

After a concerted effort from the referees, Campbell was finally restrained and taken off the ice, ending the forward’s night. The madness seemed to be coming to an end, but the chaos picked right back up when Campbell went after Sacchetti off the ice, while they were both making their ways into their respective locker rooms.

The announcers absolutely could not believe what they were seeing from Campbell and neither could the EIHL, as they handed down a severe suspension to the forward. He received a 47-game ban — 15 games for fighting, 12 games for attempted eye gouge, 10 games for knee to the head and 10 games for excessive force to the head resulting in an impact to the ice.

Campbell will be sidelined much longer than that, however, as the 33-year-old Canadian was released by the Stingrays on Tuesday.

Check out the outrageous sequence of events in the video below.