The Detroit Lions had 623 net yards of offense on Sunday afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys, and they came this close to losing the game.

That was in large part due to Matthew Stafford, as the Detroit quarterback was a little too careless with the ball. The quarterback threw two interceptions as part of a four-turnover performance for the Lions.

After Dan Bailey hit a 44-yard field goal with just over a minute to play, the Lions got the ball back with too much time on the clock. Stafford and Calvin Johnson led the Lions down the field and got Detroit all the way down to the 1-yard line. With the clock running down to its final seconds and no timeouts left, Stafford hurried the offense to the line of scrimmage, signaling that they were going to spike the ball.

Once they got set, the ball was snapped and instead of spiking the ball, Stafford instead leaped over the line of scrimmage for the touchdown.

See the play below.

Matt Stafford TDGIF via Larry Brown Sports