St. Louis Mayor Won’t Make Bet on World Series, Doesn’t Want to Take Up Too Much of His Staff’s Time

Making mayoral bets is a tricky, complicated thing, apparently.

That’s the impression we get from St. Louis mayor Francis Slay, at least. The mayor won’t be taking part in any mayoral bets over the upcoming World Series with Boston mayor Tom Menino as the Cardinals get set to take on the Red Sox.

The reason, according to Slay, is that he doesn’t want to tie up his staff. He tweeted before the National League Championship Series that he wouldn’t be making any bets this postseason because “that frees up time of my staffers.”

Then he added the kicker: “Plus, it isn’t fair to other mayors.”

That tweet is almost two weeks old, but it sounds like Slay is sticking to his no-bet stance. He tweeted this Monday night.

[tweet align=’center’]

Slay could still be smarting from losing, though. He lost a bet with San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee over last year’s National League Championship Series. The Giants won the series, and Slay was forced to change his Twitter avatar to the Giants logo. That negotiation and execution must have been extremely taxing. Politicians still stink.


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