Tom Menino’s ‘World Series Cup’ Continues Boston Mayor’s Strong Tradition in Top 10 Sports Flubs (Video)


MeninoBoston mayor Tom Menino has to be trolling New England at this point. Just like in sports, the mayor seems to know that it’s better to go all-in and finish the job than just wilt after the first mistake.

With the Red Sox in the World Series for the first time since 2007, Menino exhorted the public this week to enjoy the rest of the postseason responsibly. But he did it in a very Menino way, messing up just a couple of words — albeit the most important ones — and saying the Sox would try to bring back the “World Series Cup.”

As Menino sports flubs go, it wasn’t that bad, really. This is the man who mixes players from different decades of Celtics history or has the Red Sox’ catcher kicking for the Patriots, after all. There’s really no way to know if it’s just bad mad-libbing by the man they call “Mumbles” or a genuine lack of local sports knowledge.

Perhaps Menino is continuing the flubs to try to overshadow his previous mistakes. There is one name, however, that he always seems to get right throughout his history of misspeaking: Tom Brady.

Take a look at Menino’s best missteps, and be the judge.

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