It appears there’s a common theme among trick plays in college football these days.

A few weekends ago, Arkansas State brought us the amazingly hilarious “Fainting Goat” play, in which one of its players collapsed right after the snap.

On Saturday, TCU decided to take the whole “playing dead” thing one step further. Locked in a second-quarter tie with fourth-ranked Oklahoma, the Horned Frogs decided to implement some trickery with a throwback reverse on a kick return.


How did return man B.J. Catalon go so unnoticed, you ask? Well, because he was lying down in the end zone.

It’s tough to see (which is the point, we suppose), but Catalon literally took a seat in the end zone and hoped that his purple jersey would blend in and render him unnoticed by his Sooners opponents. The play would have been a success, but it ultimately was called back for holding.

While the moot play was unfortunate, No. 25 TCU went on to upset Oklahoma 37-33 in what has been an absolutely wild weekend in college football. Four of the top six FBS teams had lost entering Saturday night, with No. 5 Auburn to play No. 15 LSU.

Thanks to @cjzero for the video