NHL’s 2015 All-Star Game Jerseys Are Hideously Ugly, Neon (Photos)


The last NHL All-Star game was played in 2012, so the league had plenty of extra time to design new uniforms for the 2015 All-Star Game in Columbus on Jan. 25.

Here’s what it came up with. [tweet https://twitter.com/CSNChicago/status/553684280493080577 align=’center’] [tweet https://twitter.com/NHL/status/553703297732079616 align=’center’]

So yeah, those are pretty ugly.

If there’s a bright side to these strange neon sweaters, it’s that it gave the chance for Twitter to do what it does best: Insult the jerseys to no end. [tweet https://twitter.com/PeteBlackburn/status/553708732832821248 align=’center’] [tweet https://twitter.com/CapitalsHill/status/553636221596233728 align=’center’] [tweet https://twitter.com/tservo42/status/553710657775087616 align=’center’]

Get ’em next year, NHL.

Photo of the Night

This is a photo of New Jersey governor Chris Christie as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. It is disturbing.

Chris Christie

Photo via For the Win

Tweet of the Night

Adidas hooked up Vince Wilfork with some fresh University of Miami-themed kicks. [tweet https://twitter.com/wilfork75/status/553605782819069952 align=’center’]

Video of the Night

The Utah Jazz’s Trevor Booker might have pulled off the shot of the year Friday night.

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