The latest twist to the DeflateGate saga includes a New England Patriots ball boy, 24 footballs and a restroom. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

The surveillance footage that FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported Monday afternoon shows a Patriots’ locker room attendant entering a bathroom with 12 New England footballs and 12 of the Indianapolis Colts’ footballs before the AFC Championship Game, a source told ProFootballTalk Monday night. He stays in the restroom for 90 seconds, then leaves.

The video was discovered by the Patriots and given to the NFL, according to ProFootballTalk.

So, the crux of DeflateGate revolves around whether someone can deflate 12 footballs in less than 90 seconds in a bathroom. Because if you can’t, then the ball boy was just going to the bathroom.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images