New England Patriots fans have every right to be scared heading into the 2015 NFL draft.

Cornerback and wide receiver rank as two of the Patriots’ biggest needs, and head coach Bill Belichick doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record of drafting those two positions.

Wide receivers and cornerbacks kept popping up as compiled the list of biggest Patriots draft busts of the Belichick era. Two of the more frustrating players drafted in the past 10 years, cornerback Darius Butler and wideout Taylor Price, didn’t even make the cut.

We limited our list to first- and second-round draft picks, and as expected, a wide receiver and a cornerback top the list. Belichick has had a high rate of success drafting in the first round, though, and with as many draft picks as he accumulates, there are sure to be a few mistakes in the bunch.

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Thumbnail photo via Brian Blanco/Associated Press