Just when you thought Serena Williams couldn’t get any more amazing, she goes ahead and totally proves it.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion added another skill to her already jam-packed résumé Sunday: world-class cartwheeler.

Williams posted an Instagram video in which she looked like a professional gymnast, performing a series of difficult one-handed cartwheels because, well, she’s the best.

Watch out, Olympic hopefuls, if Williams trades in her tennis racket for a leotard. Just don’t expect her to join the U.S. diving team anytime soon.

The competitors at Wimbledon, which begins Monday, would be OK if Serena switched sports, though. The world’s No. 1 women’s singles player will try to carthweel ahead of the competition in London, as she did at the French Open earlier this month and at the Australian Open in February.

Thumbnail photo via Susan Mullane/USA TODAY Sports Images