Nokia’s 3310 ‘Brick’ Phone From Early 2000s Is Making Its Comeback

Most people remember a time when the strengths of pocket stitches everywhere were tested┬áby the Nokia 3310 — otherwise known as the “Nokia brick phone.” The phone has long-since been usurped by thinner, smarter phones, but now the brick is back.

HMD, Nokia Mobile’s new owners, revealed the successor to the 3310 on Sunday at the Mobile World Congress, according to MSN. While the new phone certainly resembles the original, its “candy bar’ design is much sleeker its predecessor’s. The 3310 runs on Nokia Series 30+ operating system, first released in 2013, and is unable to load apps.

The 3310 reboot brings more than nostalgia, as the original’s robust battery life appears to be back.

While the phone can’t load apps, it can handle the essentials: Texting, calling, playing music, browsing the web and, most importantly, allowing you to play “Snake.”

The phone reportedly is scheduled to be released in the second fiscal quarter of 2017, and carry a price tag of approximately $52.