Tom Brady is on the trail in the case of his missing Super Bowl jersey.

Brady’s No. 12 Patriots jersey went missing just moments after he led New England to its fifth title with a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. More than two weeks later, the jersey still is nowhere to be found and the search continues.

Apparently, Brady is taking matters into his own hands, as he posted to his Facebook page Wednesday, and one of his top suspects might surprise you …

Among the suspects:

Julian Edelman (“Sneaky lil squirrel”)
Prison Mike
Lady Gaga (“Escape ropes?”)
Creepy me? (Tom Brady courthouse sketch)
The O’Doyle family

Hopefully for Brady’s case, this helps produce some sort of lead, because as the board itself also says, that jersey is valued at about $500,000.