Gronk Brutally Spikes Ball Into Joe Haden’s Head In Absurd ‘Madden’ Clip


Watching New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s celebratory spikes is satisfying enough in real life. But they’re arguably even better in “Madden.”

The hugely popular video game franchise is, of course, a digital representation of NFL football — an endless series of perfect calculus masquerading as gridiron warfare. That means hilariously unrealistic things occasionally happen, such as Gronk brutally spiking a ball into a hapless — and former — Cleveland Browns players’ head.

We’re going to assume the gamer responsible for this clip hasn’t downloaded the latest roster update, as the player on the wrong end of this Gronk spike is cornerback Joe Haden, who recently took his talents to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, some people might be wondering why Gronk wasn’t penalized for unnecessary roughness on this play. While you probably can write it off as just another glitch, the possibility remains that the game’s referees simply let it go, as they’re actually programmed to intentionally blow calls from time to time.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

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