Max Kellerman Takes Break From Tom Brady ‘Cliff’ Talk, Offers High Praise

Max Kellerman’s perception of Tom Brady is well-documented.

Kellerman — for several years now, mind you — has stood on his soapbox that is ESPN’s “First Take” and declared that Brady soon will fall off a cliff in terms of skill level. Kellerman is so deep in his take that he stood by it after the 41-year-old quarterback lit it up in the New England Patriots’ divisional-round win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

But while Kellerman is of the belief that Brady can’t provide enough for the Patriots to win Super Bowl LIII, that doesn’t mean he can’t respect the signal-caller’s illustrious body of work. Kellerman made that abundantly clear during Friday’s edition of “First Take” when he offered the highest of high praise for Brady.

The fact of the matter is, Brady really has created little room for debate when it comes to the NFL’s greatest-of-all-time conversation. His résumé speaks for itself, and the scary part is it might be far from completion. Aside from the possibility of a sixth Super Bowl championship next month, the Patriots star could continue to bolster his legacy if he plays a few more seasons beyond the current campaign, like he says he intends to.

Brady will look to advance to his ninth Super Bowl when the Patriots battle the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium.