Tony Romo’s seamless transition from playing to talking football might make him even richer.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS’ NFL analyst is in line to receive a hefty raise, The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reported Monday, citing sources. Romo currently earns around $4 million per season, but CBS reportedly is prepared to make him the highest-paid NFL analyst in order to keep him out of broadcasting free agency.

After retiring from the NFL in April 2017, Romo became CBS’ lead analyst and drew instant rave reviews for his ability to predict plays before they happen and give quality overall insight. His performance in last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game wowed viewers, and an audience of 100 million-plus should expect another football masterclass Feb. 3 when he broadcasts Super Bowl LIII, in which the New England Patriots will face the St. Louis Rams.

Afterward, CBS will look to sign Romo to another contract, despite the fact his current deal won’t expire until 2020 and the company can match any offer he receives from elsewhere. Marchand’s sources say CBS will continue its practice of negotiating contract renewals early in order to secure Romo.

His salary will be a figure to watch, as it might dwarf the $6.5 million ESPN paid Jon Gruden to appear on “Monday Night Football” or the $7 million the Worldwide Leader reportedly was ready to offer Peyton Manning to fill the void Gruden’s 2018 departure to the Oakland Raiders created.

Romo might even out-earn the $8 million salary FOX paid John Madden in 1993, making him the highest-paid NFL broadcaster in history, according to the Ringer’s Bryan Curtis.

Thumbnail photo via Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports Images