Let’s be honest, Stephen A. Smith needs a day off.

The ESPN commentator/analyst/debater extraordinaire is on either TV or radio almost all day long discussing each and every sport. As we know, this sometimes leads Smith to some meme-worthy gaffes, such as his breakdown of the Los Angeles Chargers-Kansas City Chiefs game that included three players who would not be playing in the game.

Smith had another facepalm-inducing moment Friday when discussing the impressive offensive run Houston Rockets star James Harden has been on.

“James Harden right now looks like the best offensive player in football,” Smith said.

(You can see the video here.) 

Now, obviously this an honest mistake from a guy who is one of the hardest working professionals in sports television. Just look at his eyes in the video, he looks like he hasn’t slept in months.

We’ll give him a pass on this one.

Thumbnail photo via Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports Images