Few players if any in the storied history of the Boston Celtics appreciated wearing the green more than Kevin Garnett.

The future Hall of Famer wasn’t in Boston long, but he certainly made the most of his six seasons in the Hub, winning an NBA title and endearing himself to Celtics fans for life.

Garnett often speaks about what a privilege it was for him to play in Boston, and the 15-time All-Star made his return to the city earlier this week to take in the Celtics’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Earlier in the day, however, Garnett had a chance to drop by the Auerbach Center, the team’s brand-new practice facility in Brighton and was blown away.

Check out his latest “KG Area 21” video where he’s overwhelmed by the new digs before taking in Celtics-Lakers courtside with Metta World Peace.

The whole video borders on Celtics porn for C’s fans, even the end where Rajon Rondo returns to stick the dagger in Boston at the buzzer.  You have to love Garnett’s fairly obvious conflict over the final play in which Rondo — his good friend — knocks off the team he loves so dearly in epic fashion.

“First off I was thinking, ‘You little bastard.’ That’s the first thing I thought. That’s one of those situations where you’re happy for your bro, but for the village and for the establishment you hate it,” Garnett told The Athletic of the final play in an interview this week. ” …  I was happy for him, man. Bad for my team, but great for (Rondo).”

And credit to KG for being able to be around World Peace after, you know, this whole thing from 2010.