Maybe James Harrison will be the one who can help Jason Whitlock free himself of his costly habit.

Whitlock, for whatever reason, continues to bet against the Patriots, and time and time again comes out looking foolish. But the “Speak For Yourself” host seemed to be turning a new leaf following New England’s Week 7 demolition of the New York Jets, as he vowed to never again bet against Bill Belichick’s crew.

Well, it looks like Whitlock might not be able to help himself from breaking this promise. The veteran pundit recently tried to make sense of taking the Ravens to beat the Patriots on Sunday night, but Harrison was quick to intervene.

“Nobody is willing to step out on this limb with me? I really don’t think it’s much of a limb,” Whitlock said on FOX Sports 1. “Ravens at home, with this running game and what I just saw, Cleveland. If Nick Chubb holds onto the football, that’s a hell of a game this past weekend.”

“If this was a fifth we’d all be drunk, too,” Harrison replied, pointing at his coffee mug. “You gotta understand, he’s (Bill Belichick) 21-0 against first- and second-year quarterbacks. Like, what are we talking about? If you keep betting against them, at some point in time you’re going to be right because everything fails at one point. But you’re going to lose a lot of money to your bookie betting against them before you get that one that’s right.”

While Baltimore will be New England’s toughest test of the season to date, Whitlock probably should heed Harrison’s advice. But don’t tell that to Ray Lewis, who is unsurprisingly high on Lamar Jackson and Co.’s chances of handing the reigning Super Bowl champions their first loss of the campaign.

Thumbnail photo via Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports Images