After Tom Brady’s comments on “The Greg Hill Show” Wednesday morning, the crew at ESPN’s “First Take” weighed in the only way they know how.

Stephen A. Smith kicked it off the discussion with a blunt statement: “I think that Tom Brady is tired of being partnered with Bill Belichick.”

Smith made it clear that he did not have any sources on this, but it’s rather just a gut-feeling.

“I think if you’re Tom Brady you never forget the fact that the man (Belichick) was willing to get rid of you to bring in ‘The Jimmy Garoppolo Era,'” Smith said. “… I think that Tom Brady has gotten to a point where he’s tired of that reality being his reality.”

Then it was Max Kellerman’s turn.

“Why is he going to be a free agent this year? Cause when they restructured Belichick, who’s the GM, who got his marching orders from Kraft cause Brady did an end-around, they said ‘Ok here’s the contract I’ll give you,'” Kellerman said. “Belichick does the cap and all that stuff. And Tom Brady’s like, ‘Oh yeah? Ok, you don’t want to commit long-term to me? Watch this Belichick. Now that I kneecapped this guy because Jimmy G ain’t here. Brissett ain’t here… What are you going to do with Stidham who’s not ready? Let me go my separate way from Belichick and see if it’s Belichick or Brady.'”

But Smith made sure to make one thing clear.

“(Brady) is truly one of the rare commodities in the history of the National Football League that can actually do whatever the hell he wants to do and no one’s going to question him,” he added.

Kellerman again furthered the idea that there is a chance Brady could leave at years end.

“They want to show that it’s them. How could they not if they’re competitive, ultimately? And so, I just think Brady should be careful what he wishes for,” Kellerman said.

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