Patriots Included In Five Of Colin Cowherd’s Top Seven ‘Dream’ Super Bowl Matchups

We’re nearly three-quarters of the way through the 2019 NFL regular season, and the field for Super Bowl LIV conceivably is wide open.

Given this parity, there are a host of intriguing matchups that realistically could come to fruition on the first Sunday in February. But for Colin Cowherd, the reigning Super Bowl champions figure in the bulk of his preferred title fights.

“The Herd” host on Tuesday laid out his top seven “dream” matchups for Super Bowl LIV. While the Patriots weren’t featured in the top spot — Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens — they still were accounted for in the majority of Cowherd’s list.

No. 7 Patriots-Saints: “So I get (Drew) Brees and (Tom) Brady, first and second in career passing yards, second and third in career passing touchdowns. I get Sean Payton, the offensive genius. I get Bill Belichick, the defensive genius. This feels kind of fresh. We don’t have a lot of Brady versus Brees. I mean, these are the two elder statesmen in the NFL. Some day you’ll open up the NFL record book for quarterbacks and it will just, Brees, Brady, Brees, Brady, Brees, Brady, Brady, Brees.”

No. 6 Patriots-Cowboys: “Folks, do you know the number you’d get for this? America’s team against the GOAT. They play Sunday, it would be a rematch. Be really interesting if Dallas won Sunday and they had a rematch. You’d have Jason Garrett — Jason Garrett wins this game, he’s the Dallas Cowboy coach for a decade. This would get a massive number.”

No. 5 Patriots-Seahawks: “Do you realize Super Bowl XLIX was the most-watched TV broadcast of all time? To this day it still is. A rematch of the Malcolm Butler interception. Brady against Russell Wilson, my two favorite quarterbacks of all time. That was arguably the great Super Bowl of all time. I’m gonna be selfish here. If I can go to Miami and have the Patriots and Seahawks, my two favorite teams, I can tolerate those fan bases.”

No. 3 Patriots-Packers: “We just don’t have enough Brady against (Aaron) Rodgers games. They’ve played twice, they’ve split. You got a first-year coach against the greatest of all time. We kind of got robbed of this matchup in 2016 and 2014. Remember Green Bay losing those games? Packers lost to the Falcons and Seahawks. This is like the (Mike) Tyson fight against George Foreman I never got. There were like three years, the old Foreman and Tyson. I never got it, I was bitter. I need a Rodgers-Brady Super Bowl.”

No. 2 Patriots-49ers: “Jimmy G (Jimmy Garoppolo) against his old team. Tom Brady with a quarterback he kind of got insecure over. Brady against his hometown team, he was a 49er (fan) growing up. Richard Sherman against Tom Brady, ‘You mad bro?’ I think this is a pretty easy one. Jimmy G was the heir apparent, Brady said, ‘Get him out of here.’ Jimmy G comes back and beats Tom. (Kyle) Shanahan, the offensive genius. Belichick, the defensive genius. Pretty tasty.”

It’s safe to say there is no shortage of storylines when it comes to the NFL’s premier franchise of the 21st century.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

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