It no longer is a stretch to say that Odell Beckham Jr. wants to join the New England Patriots.

In fact, if you were to make such a claim, you reportedly would have a 33.33333333333(repeating) percent chance of being correct.

FOX Sports Jay Glazer reported Sunday that the Cleveland Browns receiver has been telling other teams to “come get” him throughout the season. The report unsurprisingly caused fans around the NFL to erupt with Patriots paranoia.

That brings us to Monday, when Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that Beckham’s pleas occurred during October. And, well, that’s good news if you’re a Patriots fan who wants to see Beckham in New England.

From Robinson’s column:

“Two sources close to Beckham also confirmed a Sunday report from Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer that the wideout has told players and coaches to “come get me” during gameday interactions. Specifically, one source told Yahoo Sports that Beckham made the comments to players during “at least” one game in October.

“The source declined to specify the opponent, but it’s noteworthy that Cleveland’s October slate featured games against the 49ers and New England Patriots — two teams that aggressively shopped for wideouts at the trade deadline. The 49ers ultimately landed Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos, while the Patriots acquired Mohamed Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons.”

Robinson also noted that Beckham has a fondness for the 49ers, specifically head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

So, why is Beckham unhappy in Cleveland?

From Robinson:

“According to sources close to the wideout, there are three issues creating an intersection of drama with Beckham now:

“He’s physically hurt, which he confirmed Sunday. He’s frustrated that he’s not playing at the elite standard that he thinks he’s capable of, a fact that he’s alluded to several times this season. And perhaps most importantly, he’s still unsure about his fit with the Browns, including his relationship with the coaching staff and his role in the offense.”

How this story ends remains to be seen, but fans should prepare themselves for an offseason dominated by Beckham rumors.

Thumbnail photo via Scott R. Galvin/USA TODAY Sports Images