Kendrick Perkins’ Kids Racked Up $16K In ‘Fortnite’ Charges On Credit Card


March 31, 2020

If there’s anyone enjoying the coronavirus pandemic, it’s children who are thrilled to play video games all day instead of going to school.

Especially rich kids who have their parents’ credit card information, like, say, the offspring of former Boston Celtic Kendrick Perkins.

The NBA analyst told a hilarious story Monday about the reason he hates video games on ESPN’s “Hoop Streams.”

“My kids drive me crazy with it, I do not indulge.” Perkins said, emphatically. “Like, they drive me crazy. In my house there’s nothing but ‘Fornite,’ ‘NBA 2K’, it just drives me crazy.”

And he has good reason to hate them. A maxed out credit card’s worth of it.

“Quick story, I get my credit card bill back, I go to the store, I go to buy something, credit card declined,” Perkins relayed.

“Come to find out, I got $16 thousand worth of “Fortnite” bills on my credit card. Ever since then i was like you know what, I’m cool on “Fortnite.” I do not indulge in video games.”

Perkins said he disputed the charges, and ranted about how his kids could rack up such a bill on a video game that is free to play. The purchases for those unfamiliar with the game? Strictly cosmetic for the avatar.

“And it was buying skins every day, whatever that is, I don’t even know what that is,” Perkins admitted. “I had to dispute the charge and I was like forget this video game stuff. So they don’t even talk to me about it.”

Based on the rants Perkins goes off on about Kyrie Irving, or the passion behind all of his hot takes, you can only imagine his relentless wrath following that conversation with American Express.

We’ll see what he has to say about the NBA’s reported player-only “2K” tournament.

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