Why Buccaneers QB Coach Isn’t Buying Into These Tom Brady Narratives


Tom Brady is 42-years-old, so naturally, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans who didn’t watch him every week may have some concerns about what the six-time Super Bowl champion has left in the tank.

Trust us, those fans exist in the world.

Criticisms are that last year Brady showed a drop off, or that he’s lost the ability to throw the deep ball. His new quarterback coach, however, isn’t buying into any of that.

“There is nothing on the film that shows he is dropping off accuracy wise, arm strength wise,” Clyde Christensen said on Thursday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, via NBC Sports Boston.

“I watched every throw of his for four years and couldn’t see any drop off whatsoever. Anyone who says that he can’t (throw the ball) just is talking. They haven’t watched the film. He makes every throw.”

Christensen, who also has coached Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, would know. And the QB coach suggested the Patriots’ offensive woes this past year, or at least, the reason Brady didn’t air it out as often, had more to do with the targets than the passer.

“Now, some years they had fast guys and they threw that ball up the field,” Christensen said. “Some years they didn’t. This year they didn’t and they threw more checkdowns. Any time he got his opportunity, that ball went up and usually extremely successfully.

“I think that narrative is dead off base and if I thought that way we probably wouldn’t have gone after him. He is playing at an extremely high level.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has been adamant in rejecting that perception of Brady, too, and they have high expectations for what his leadership will bring to the locker room as well.

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