Patriots’ Devin McCourty Proud Of Voters ‘Using Your Voice’ In Presidential Election

It's a historic presidential election


A historic number of people went out and made their voice heard by casting their ballot in the presidential election.

Devin McCourty loves to see it.

The New England Patriots safety, like many of us, are awaiting the results. But McCourty was a prominent voice in getting people to vote, and he’s happy with the turn out.

“It?s been awesome seeing all the numbers of people going out there and voting and really making their voice heard,” McCourty told reporters Thursday during a video conference. “That was the biggest thing. I know for me that?s what I?ve spoken about. It?s people using their voice. It doesn?t matter what side of politics you fall on. It?s just using your voice. ? It?s exciting for all of us, bigger than football or anybody?s job, for our country as a whole to see people go out there and care and try to do their part.”

Now, we wait and see who will be named the president of the United States.

Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images

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