Did Blazers’ Gary Trent Jr. Commit Worst Flop In NBA History?

This is pitiful


Gary Trent Jr. should be banned from the NBA and never allowed to return. Never.

OK, that might be a tad aggressive. But really, something needs to be done about the crap Trent pulled Monday night in Portland.

During his team’s loss to the Thunder, the Blazers guard committed one of the most obnoxious flops you’ll ever see in an NBA game. The play occurred during a fastbreak when Trent collided with Oklahoma City guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Basically, Trent looked liked one of the extras who goes flying off a castle wall during a battle scene in some medieval-themed B-movie, or something. All that was missing was the Wilhelm Scream.

Check this out:

Obviously, flopping/selling has become a major issue in the NBA. Despite the league’s “best” efforts, players simply can’t stop themselves from trying to manipulate referees.

That said, it’s difficult to blame them, as the officials fall for the antics more often than not. If your opponent is going to draw bogus fouls, you need to as well, right?

This whole thing is rotten and, admittedly, kind of funny.

Thumbnail photo via Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports Images

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