NFL Analyst Makes Awesome, Accurate Comparison Of Tom Brady, Iron Man

Brady is the main character, and we are all just extras


Just call him Iron Man.

At least, that is what one NFL analyst thinks of Tom Brady, though it might not be for the reason you are expecting.

Yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback seems invincible after playing his 21st NFL season at age 43. But that is not the real reason why FS1’s Emmanuel Acho thinks Brady is similar to a certain superhero.

In fact, the analyst used a popular film to help fans relate to his perspective of the situation.

Between the first and second installations of the “Iron Man” movies, the actor portraying James “Rhodey” Rhodes suddenly switched from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle. This led Acho to draw comparisons between Tom Brady and the famed franchise.

And Acho’s analysis is pretty spot on.

“Between one of the ‘Iron Man’ (movies), a character gets replaced,” Acho said during Wednesday’s episode of “Speak For Yourself” on FS1. “… Same titles, but now you realize the importance of the character actually wasn’t that important because I can change Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle and it’s still going to be a box office hit.

“Tom Brady changed the character of head coach from Bill Belichick to Bruce Arians, and it was still a box office hit. So a movie can actually do without a major actor if the actor isn’t as major as you were led to believe.”


That does not mean Belichick is not talented. Acho simply is indicating just how important Brady was to the Patriots’ string of success.

“All I am submitting to you all is this: Is Bill Belichick Robert Downey Jr.? Or is Bill Belichick Terrence Howard?” Acho asked.

“I know this much. Robert Downey Jr. was in all of the ‘Iron Man’ (movies). The movie still hits. Tom Brady? He’s been in all the movies. They still hit. Bill Belichick hasn’t.”


Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

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