It’s hard to believe you’ll ever see Jake Peavy and Billie Eilish in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what happened after the music star’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

Eilish was SNL’s musical guest last week, and when came out at the end of the show, the 22-year-old shared hugs with the cast and revealed she was wearing a Peavy No. 44 Chicago White Sox jersey.

It’s unclear why the Los Angeles native wore the jersey, especially since she doesn’t have a close connection to Major League Baseball, but Peavy quickly caught wind of it from his close peers.

“My phone started going crazy when it aired on the East Coast and that went on into the night,” Peavy told’s Matt Monagan. “I don’t know the last time something got that much traction in my phone with text messages.”

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The former Boston Red Sox pitcher took it as an honor, and the two-time World Series champion was well aware of who Eilish was. Peavy told it was also cool for his 15-year-old son, Judd, to find out about.

“Huge street cred,” Peavy said. “All the street cred with the younger crowd.”

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Peavy admitted he didn’t know why Eilish wore his jersey nor did the Grammy Award winner explain days after SNL why she decided on the fashion choice. It’s possible the No. 4 or 44 could be a tease for her next album, but Eilish gained a lot more appreciation from the three-time All-Star pitcher.

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“I’m gonna reach out, I come in peace,” Peavy said. “I wanna sign a jersey for her. She gave me huge street cred in my household and throughout the next generation. Us in the MLB world are appreciative of what she does.”

That younger crowd might get a crash course in Peavy’s White Sox career (2009-2013) or his Boston and San Francisco Giants career where he won his World Series titles. There are also the 2007 Cy Young winner’s other exploits like buying a duck boat after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013.

But just when you thought you’d seen everything, there always will be the image of Eilish in a Peavy White Sox jersey.

Featured image via Dan MacMedan/USA TODAY Images