Bill Belichick famously chose Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe to be the quarterback of the New Patriots during the 2001 season.

And on Sunday night, the legendary head coach got to run back that decision.

Belichick, Brady and Bledsoe appeared in a comedy sketch prior to “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady.” Belichick was shown pumping up Bledsoe about the show before once again leaving Bledsoe behind and running off with Brady.

“It’s great seeing you again. This is a big night,” Belichick said to Bledsoe. “The fans want you. Everyone wants you. But it’s not your night. Sorry, Drew. Brady. You’re in. Let’s go.”

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It appears that Brady and Belichick put whatever animosity they might have had aside to do this. Brady even called Belichick “coach” during the skit.

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It was rumored that Belichick would be among the roasters, which included several of Brady’s former teammates like Bledsoe and Randy Moss. Belichick was not seen on stage to begin the event, but came out midway through to roast the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Belichick obviously made the right decision over two decades ago by staying with Brady after Bledsoe. It was cool to see the three come together and have a laugh over it.

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Featured image via Bob Breidenbach / USA TODAY NETWORK Images