Aaron Rodgers Apologizes to Fans for Poor Officiating, Says NFL Values Money Over Integrity


Aaron Rodgers Apologizes to Fans for Poor Officiating, Says NFL Values Money Over IntegrityNFL players are fed up with the replacement officials, and they're no longer afraid to speak their minds about it.

A handful of players blasted the league on Monday night — including some Packers players — after Green Bay fell victim to a horrible call in Seattle, and Drew Brees is also among those who have been critical of the officials.

Aaron Rodgers bit his tongue for the most part on Monday night, not saying much after the game. After a few hours to gather his thoughts, Rodgers came out firing.

"I have to do something that the NFL won't do, and that is apologize to the fans," Rodgers said on his weekly radio appearance with ESPN Radio Milwaukee.

Rodgers also said that the league cares more about making money than showing integrity. He then blasted the league for its statement released on Tuesday afternoon regarding the final play of Monday night's game.

"That's garbage, obviously," the Packers quarterback said. "They're covering their butt here."

Later, Rodgers questioned the league's dedication to keeping the players safe and even called into question the NFL's integrity.

"We put so much into this," Rodgers continued, "and we put our bodies and
livelihood on the line, and you can't possibly tell me that the way
things are going right now that player safety is being held to the same
standard that it was, and the integrity of the game wasn't what it was."

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