Bruins Couldn't Score, But Johnny Boychuk Leaves Lasting Memory With TD Garden Fans Everybody reacts to witnessing violence in his or her own way.

Take Johnny Boychuk‘s awesome hip check from Thursday night as Exhibit A.

You’ve got the guy in the white sleeves, who clearly had a delayed reaction. There’s Mr. Dad, whose emotion is blocked, but we can only imagine he is loving the hit in front of his face. Mom’s look seems to be one of disgust — either that or that $6.25 beer got too warm.

Then, of course, there is the daughter’s reaction. It’s one of shock and awe, and it’s one that says that that young lady will never forget the moment that Mr. Boychuk upended Victor Oreskovich … though she probably won’t remember the Oreskovich part.

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Bruins Couldn't Score, But Johnny Boychuk Leaves Lasting Memory With TD Garden Fans

Quote of the day

“I don’t see any watering down at all. I think there are a number of teams playing in the NIT that could have gotten in [to the NCAA Tournament], and I think there will be more people and more excitement with more teams in.”
–Minnesota coach Tubby Smith, to The Associated Press, on the possibility of expanding the tournament to 96 teams

Comment of the day

LaDainian Tomlinson has picked up the nickname “LT,” despite the fact that a certain linebacker in the ’80s kind of made “LT” his own thing (just ask Joe Theisman). Still, one (assumed) Patriots fan took issue with Tomlinson’s goal of sweeping the Patriots and let it be known that “LT” now stands for something else.

“L.T.= lots of TEARS”

Video of the day

April Fools’ Day’s biggest gag seemed to be Google’s changing its name to “Topeka.” Hilarious? Not quite.

Yet the Jets made their best attempt at humor on April 1, as Nick Mangold apparently replaced the water with lemon-lime juice for the defensive linemen after they finished running. And God bless those D-linemen … seeing their teammates spitting out the beverage in disgust sure didn’t stop them from giving it a try themselves. Line up, boys! There’s plenty to go around.

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