Nick Swisher Denies Getting Tim Tebow’s Help While Proposing


Dude, Tim Tebow totally didn't help Nick Swisher propose to his girlfriend. Just ask Swisher.'s Pete Kerasotis did just that after he read on Swisher's Wikipedia page that Tebow helped Swisher in his courting of his fiancee, Joanna Garcia. According to the Wikipedia entry, the recent first-round pick of the Broncos talked to Garcia's parents about Swisher's decision to propose. The entry also said that Tebow was there when Swisher popped the question.

Swisher's reaction to all of this? He channeled his inner-Mike Gundy and denied it adamantly.

"What?! I'm a man! I don't need to that!" he exclaimed in reaction to the question from Kerasotis.

"That's total BS! [Expletive] no!" he went on. "I don't need some other dude to ask my girl to marry me. I'm a Major League Baseball player. I'm a man. I asked her on the baclony at my place in New York City. Tim Tebow wasn't there. You need to squash that story, dude."

Well, alright.

Swisher didn't stop there, either. He even went on to criticize Kerasotis' Michael Scott-like reference to Wikipedia. 

"Dude, you're in the media. You know better than to believe Wikipedia."

Karosotis pointed out to Swisher a story in which a fan at an autograph show asked for Tebow's assistance in executing a proposal to which Tebow obliged. Swisher of course responded to that reference by saying, "Yeah, right. Like I went to a Tim Tebow autograph signing. Dude, please."

The article goes on to mention the fact that Swisher's fiancee is a University of Florida grad, making the Tebow rumors even more of a coincidence. 

And while the couple even got a chance to meet Tebow when he was playing for the Gators, Swisher continues to insist that Tebow had nothing to do with his proposal.

As the article points out, however, at least one person doesn't buy it. When Swisher asked teammate and fellow outfielder Marcus Thames what he thought about the whole story, Thames replied, "Probably, because you ain't got no game. You need a college kid to help you."

If Swisher did seek out Tebow's help, it'd still be a step up from all of the help he sought during his All-Star Game campaign in which he begged celebrities for their endorsements via Twitter. 

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