Nyjer Morgan, Nationals Clash With Marlins in Bench-Clearing Brawl Things got testy in Florida on Wednesday night as the (few) fans in attendance at the Marlins-Nationals game were treated to one of the most heated brawls of the MLB season.

Nyjer Morgan charged Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad to spark a bench-clearing brouhaha during the sixth inning of the Marlins’ 16-10 win, their highest-scoring game of the 2010 season.

This isn’t the first time Morgan has found trouble this season. In fact, he is currently contesting a seven-game suspension for throwing a ball at a spectator on Aug. 21.

Volstad plunked Morgan in the fourth innning with a pitch, perhaps for Morgan’s collision at the plate the night before. In the sixth, the hurler threw behind Morgan, which prompted the outfielder to charge.

“I thought it was over after [the fourth inning],” he told the media after the game. “But once I saw the ball go right behind me, it’s time to go. Once is good enough, but twice, no, it’s time to go.”

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