Rex Ryan Claims New Tattoo Means He Believes in Himself


Not since Mike Tyson decided to get his face inked has a tattoo been as talked about as the swirly, scrawling shapes on New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan's right leg.

The big head coach with an even bigger mouth decided to open up about his new, mystery tattoo on Tuesday. As reported by ESPN, in a press conference Ryan explained — quite simply — what the tattoo is.

"It's a mountain, some waves and some sharks," he said.

That is fitting, considering he had the tattoo done while vacationing in Hawaii. But delving a bit deeper, Ryan revealed the true nature of his newest tattoo.

"A new 'tat' means believe in yourself, which I've got no problem doing," said Ryan.

Ryan most certainly believes in himself, and his players — who, according to Ryan, think his tattoo is "cool" — or else he would not have predicted, yet again, that his team is destined for the Super Bowl.

Click here to see Ryan's new "I believe in mysef" tattoo.

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