Brazilian Volleyball Player Out of Pan-Am Games After Suffering Neck Fracture During MatchBrazilian volleyball player Jaqueline Carvalho crashed with teammate Fabiana Oliveira during a match against the Dominican Republic at the Pan American Games and suffered a cervical injury. Carvalho will miss the rest of the games, according to Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) doctor Joao Grangeiro.

“Jaqueline had a cerebral contusion and a lot of pain in her spine,” Grangeiro said. “She was immediately treated and brought to the hospital, where she had some exams. A small cervical fracture was found, but she doesn’t have any need for surgical treatment. However, any cervical injury needs to be considered serious, and as such, she will no longer be able to compete in the games.”

At the same time, the COB doctor confirmed that Carvalho is fine, despite the scare, but will stay in the hospital for observation and further X-rays and MRIs. Carvalho will use a neck brace while she remains hospitalized.

Regarding her ultimate return to the court, Grangeiro was reluctant to give an answer and said it is too soon to tell.

“The first step is that she be released from the hospital and not present any more pain,” Grangeiro said. “[Her return] will take time and close medical attention.

“For the moment, she will stay in the hospital as long as necessary, until she is allowed to return to the hotel. We are still studying the case day by day to judge when she can return to Brazil.”

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